This site is now being renewed for IAMU Maritime Academic Resource Database (MaRD) !

We are happy to announce New Maritime Academic Resource Database (MaRD).

  • The institutional database is integrated into the MaRD and you can seemless access both instituional and personal database.
  • The MaRD shows the number of profile registered members, the number of institution in each region and the number registered faculties in each instituion up to date.
  • In 'Search Faculty' function, we adds the displaying the results in the google maps.
  • When you upload your portrait, you can crop your photograph to fit for your profile page before sending the photograph into our server.
  • On top page, the MaRD show recent 5 faculties who modified their own profile. 
  • Top page also has the announcements about this database. 
  • Besides user side new functions, administrative functions of the MaRD are improved. If the moderator member of an instituion is specified, he/she can manage the user account and institutional information.
  • The process of activating user account is improved. If you lost the activation mail, you can order the MaRD to resend that mail in login page. 'Reset password' still work before activating your account.


2014-03-04 07:22:23 by kamahara