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Kyiv State Maritime Academy  
General Information

Name of the Institution: KyivState Maritime Academy after hetman Petro Konashevich-Sahaydachniy

Rector: Vladyslav V. Panin Doctor of Sciences, Prof.

Address: 9, Frunze St., Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Phone/fax number: +38 044 463 74 70

Fax: +38 044 463 74 70  /  +38 044 4177433



The ancestry of the Academy was Kiev Transport College, founded in 1912 whereby Union of navigators investments. Since 1998 Academy became an independent higher educational unit of III-IV degree accreditation. At 2009 students number reached about 7.000.

Nowadays Academy includes:

-three faculties - Navigation, Transport Economics & Law study specialists of six professions of III-IV degree accreditation (navigation at sea and inland water ways; ships’ power plants operation; management of organizations; counting and auditing; legislation; software for automatic systems.);

-Kyiv marine and river college, training specialists of six professions of I-st degree  accreditation (navigation at sea and inland water ways, ships’ power plants operation; assembly and design of nautical machines and mechanisms; book-keeping; legislation; computer programming);

-Sevastopol maritime college training of three professions seafarers of I degree accreditation (navigation at sea; ships’ power plants operation, operators of electrical and automation systems);

-Sevastopol faculty of maritime transport;

-Mykolayiv nautical school;

-Danube educational-consultation centre;

-Mykolayiv, Izmail educational-consultation centers;

-Kyiv simulator center of maritime transport specialists training;

The Academy staff and sources includes three educational campuses, over 50 laboratories for common and professional knowledge, 6 computerized laboratories equipped with computers of latest generation, library with 250.000 publications, conference hall, sport facilities for physical training & games, stadium,  student hostel & swimming pool.

In compliance with STCW Code requirements (Code on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers) all students undergo their shipboard practice during process of education. The main terms for navigation students are 12 months' seagoing service & 8 months for marine engineering students. Besides sea practice marine engineering students obtained technological training at Academy's workshops and ship yards.

Students pass shipboard training on m/v "St.Olga" (Mykolayiv) and "Horizont" (Sevastopol). Senior students pass their sea service on board of Ukrainian and foreign vessels.

The educational process for III-IV degree accreditation consists 19 departments, with 220 Academy staff (professors, associate professors, lectures, assistants) more than 50 experienced seafarers so as - DSCs, Ch. engineers and others.

Special attention paid to fundamental and practical scientific research in the field of transport, based on International legislation, Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraineand Marine administration requirements.

Academy carries out seafarer’s qualification improvement in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001-2009.

Academy carries out international cooperation with higher institutions of Russian Federationwater transportation and other foreign countries sustaining and strengthening the authority of higher national maritime education. Within 2004-2010 the Academy passed two inspections of quality experts of European commission.

Being oriented by international standards, Academy encourages achievement of student’s high quality training and contributes successful applying for first job opportunity and professional career at sea. At the end of 2005, Academy personal awarded Cabinet Ministers for outstanding incomes in development of education and highly qualified professionals training.

 Brief History:

The Kyiv State Maritime Academy named after hetman Petro Konashevich- Sahaydachniy (KSMA) is one of the largest higher institutions of Ukraine in maritime education of the IV level of accreditation.


The history of the Academy began in 1912. Thousands of professionals working in the national economy of Ukraine and on ships under the flags of almost all countries of the world have been trained for hundred years since then.


Today, more than 7,000 students from Ukraine and other countries of the world obtain educational qualification degrees of "Bachelor" and "Master" at the Academy and its divisions. Navigators and ship engineers for sea and river fleet, lawyers, managers of organizations, economists, accountants and software engineers are being trained here.


The teaching staff of the Academy includes 270 highly qualified scientific and pedagogical experts - doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors, as well as a large number of sea captains and chief engineers who have many years of experience.


The material and technical resources of the educational complex includes 3 buildings of the academy, more than 50 educational laboratories and study rooms for general subjects, the computer labs equipped with modern computers that are joined into a local area network and connected to the Internet, a hostel, a library, a spacious gym and an assembly hall. The students have shipboard training on the educational and industrial vessels of the Academy.



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