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Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy  
General Information

Novorossiysk Maritime Academy is a rather young institution MET. It was reorganized into the State Maritime Academy in 1992 from its predecessor the Higher Engineering College.  The academy has 6 faculties, 4 units and one training centre. Marine colleges in Rostov-on-Don (2), Astrakhan and Sevastopol are under the auspices of the academy and students of these colleges have opportunity to enter academy for continuing their education.  

Name: Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy (AUMSA)

Rector: Prof. Dr. Sergey I. Kondratyev

Address: 93 Lenin avenue, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, 353918 Russia

Phone/fax: +7 8617 717525



Teaching staff of the Academy– total 402 persons, including: with scientific degree “Doctor of Science” and (or) scientific title of professor – 31; with scientific degree of “Candidate of science” and (or) scientific title of docent – 213 persons. 

Education Philosophy: In its work the staff of the University is based on the established at the educational institution  traditions:

- the unity of educational and scientific activity, giving professionals deep scientific knowledge;
- the unity of educational and training activity during the forming of effective “model of a graduate", as a business  marine specialist;

- fundamental theoretical and practical, including training, professional training, which enable  graduates to adapt effectively in modern production conditions;

- a high level of requirements to students and tutors, ensuring appropriate quality training of specialists;

- innovation, requiring from students, teachers, researchers and all employees of the University constantly find the best solutions to tasks facing them.


Education Goals: As a university, to provide high professional level, development of civil and moral qualities of a person in conditions of a developing society, dynamically changing labour market needs through effective organization and high quality of scientific and educational process; satisfy the requirements of Russian society in the modern knowledge, innovations and scientific developments. As a Maritime University, to provide the personnel for the all types of Maritime businesses in Russia taking paramount  importance in the field of exploration, development, and use of the World Ocean in the interests of safety, sustainable economic and social development of the Russian Federation, and based on the principles of continuous advanced training of qualified specialists of seafarers and management of marine activity with the level of professional competences and innovative activity that meet national and international requirements with regard for high dynamism of social process




Structure of Institution
Structure of Program
On-Board Trainig Scheme

The Academy has no training ships. The cadets have on board sailing training in domestic and foreign shipping companies.

On board training in AUMSA is considered as a part of educational curriculum. Cadets of maritime Faculties and Departments are required to undergo at least 8 months (Marine Engineering, Marine Electro-engineering) and 12 months (Navigation and Water transport operations) sea service during two on board training periods.  On board training programs for cadets are composed in compliance with of STCW – 78 Convention requirements as amended in 1995 (Chapter ?- II/1 - Master and Deck Department; ?– III/1 - Engine Department, ?-IV/2 – Radio Communication and Radio Personnel). On board training program is a part of the general training program. The on board record Book of each cadet should provide detailed documentary evidence of the tasks and duties set inthe program and of the progress achieved. The cadets undergo on board training on the ship of various types of about 20 different shipowners and ship operators, flying Russian and foreign flags of registry with mixed and Russian crew on board.