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Dalian Maritime University  
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The long history of the University can be traced back to 1909, when the Nanyang Institution in Shanghai established a Shipping Management Section. Chinese higher maritime education went through many difficult periods and was not well developed before the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.
DMU was created in 1953 through the amalgamation of three merchant marine institutions: Shanghai Nautical College, the Northeast Navigation College and Fujian Navigation School. At the time its name was Dalian Marine College, and it was the only maritime college in China. In 1960, DMU was designated a national key institution of higher education. Later in 1983, the Asia-Pacific Region Maritime Training Center was established at DMU by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the IMO and in 1985 a branch of the World Maritime University(WMU) was established.
With the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1994, the University’s name was changed to the present one. In 1998, the University was awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Assurance accredited by the Norwegian Det Norske Veritas(DNV) and the China Maritime Safety Administration(MSA); it became the first maritime university in China to have the ISO9001 Certificate. Former President Jiang Zemin wrote a few words of encouragement for DMU: “Be steadfast, rigorous, industrious, and pioneering in order to build the University into one of the preeminent maritime universities in the world”. In 1997, DMU became a member involved in the National Project 211, a plan to build one hundred national-level universities in China.

Structure of Institution



DMU has 4 Post-doctoral Research Centers, 6 Primary Discipline Doctoral Programs, 32 Subordinate Discipline Doctoral Programs, 18 Primary Discipline Master’s Programs, 64 Subordinate Discipline Master’s Programs, and 48 undergraduate programs. DMU now consists of 19 teaching and research institutions, including Navigation College, Marine Engineering College, Information Science and Technology College, Transportation and Management College, Environmental Science and Engineering College, Transportation Equipments and Ocean Engineering College, Law School, Foreign Languages College, Public Management and Humanities College, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, etc.






DMU owns and operates two ocean-going training vessels.


Structure of Program
On-Board Trainig Scheme