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Odessa National Maritime University  
General Information

1.1 Education Philosophy:


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1.3 Brief History:

Established in 1918, the Polytechnic University is the biggest center of south Ukraine that provides an education to raise engineers and scientific personnel.

The campus includes 13 buildings with academical departments, laboratories, a library and 5 reading rooms.

University’s sports are has 7 professional sports halls, a swimming pool, a shooting gallery and tennis courts.

Additionally, there is a open air sports and health center called Chayka on the Black Sea cost. Odessa State Polytechnic University Student Palace, is one of the most modern cultural centers in the town.

Polytechnic University is partners with the main agency of UNESCO, European Higher Education Center and International Study Programme.

The university is a part of the study and research programmes TEMPUS and COPERNICUS. And also, it has a cooperation agreement with 28 high – schools and universities in Europe, Asia and U.S.A.


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